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Like the other KCPE  examination revision courses in this website , Social studies comprise of question items from past KCPE Examinations arranged per topic as they are presented in the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD) syllabus.  The broad topics are:-

1.       Physical environment

2.       People and population

3.       Social relations and cultural activities

4.       Resources and economic activities

5.       Political development and systems

6.       Citizenship

7.       Democracy and human rights

8.       Law peace and reconciliation

9.       The government of Kenya

This makes it easy for learners to evaluate their understanding of each topic through attempting the past KCPE examination  question items from the respective topic they choose to revise. An alternative way is to revise for the entire syllabus through attempting our KCPE  examination Social studies simulation test. This is a test that comprises of random KCPE examination Social studies question items from all the major topics with the weighting of the questions made to mirror actual KCPE examination paper. A learner gets a different set of question items each time a simulation test is attempted. One can make at least 15 different attempts without having any of the question item repeated. It is advisable for the leaner to review