Revision for KCPE Science examination in this website is organized per topic in a sequence they appear in the KICD Science syllabus. Each topic comprises of a pretest that assists evaluate the learners grounding in work covered in the previous classes on the topic being revised. The pretest draw question from past KCPE science examinations on the work covered in the topic being revised up to class seven. This is followed by revision notes on class eight work and exercises that keep the learners engaged in learning. The revision on the topic end with a revision test on what learners are supposed to learn in class 8,  thus making the revision on the topic complete.

Alternatively, a candidate can attempt the KCPE Science simulation test that contains random past KCPE science question items organized to mirror a reel KCPE science examination paper. Each attempt have a different set of questions and a candidate can attempt the simulation test 15 times without having any of the question items repeated.