About the e-KCPE Examination Revision
The online course materials on this website are designed so as to be easily accessible especially through any smartphone. Download Kenya exams app from play store for better results.
The content on this website is arranged per topic in each subject and contains content in text format, animated videos as well as video lessons from teachers who are teaching online during this time learners are at home due to COVID 19 menace.
Leaners work is marked automatically by the system and scores displayed as the learner progress in each lesson attempted. There are plenty of questions from past KCPE examinations for practice.
Included on the website is our ebook on good composition writing. The book contains a guide on good composition writing and a collection of some of the best KCPE compositions since 2006. Video lessons on good composition writing from experienced teachers of English supplement the ebook.

Revision for KCPE Mathematics examination comprises of past KCPE  Mathematics papers. In addition, the  questions are also organized per topic as per the KICD Science syllabus  for  more comprehensive revision,

Revision for KCPE Science examination is organized per topic as per the KICD Science syllabus. More than 1000 questions from past KCPE examinations organized for comprehensive revision,

This course comprises of question items from past KCPE CRE Examinations arranged per topic.  KCPE CRE Simulation tests comprising of random KCPE CRE questions arranged to mirror the KCPE CRE examination are available excellent for practice

This is an ebook that educates on skills required in writing a good composition. Some of the top KCPE Examination composition from the year 2006 to date are clearly explained. 

Brief and comprehensive followed by past KCPE Examination questions are arranged per topic for quick revision.  KCPE practice examination  marked and a record kept automatically for monitoring progress

This course comprises of past KCPE  question items arranged per topic