About the e-KCPE Examination Revision
The online course materials in this website are designed so as to be easily accessible especially through any smart phone. Downloading the free Moodle App from the Play Store and using it to reach the website enable one access KCPE examination question items for the last fifteen years.
This website is different from other website and printed KCPE revision books that provide the same content in that;
1. The past KCPE examination question items are arranged per topic making revision of topics that a learner may find a challenge easy.
2. Only KCPE question examination items that are relevant to the current syllabus after it was reviewed in 2002 and tested for the first time in 2006 are included. Leaners need not grapple with past KCPE examination content that is not currently applicable.
3. Leaners performance record in form of a grade book is automatically generated for any attempt made by a learner on any of the tests in the website. This makes it easy to identify the topics a learner may be having difficulties. The grade book also as enable following of the learner’s progress easy.
4. KCPE examination question items that former candidates found challenging have been isolated as a test for learners' to attempt and gauge themselves. Most important, feedback provided after attempting the tests clearly explain how the correct answer is arrived at on each of the question item.
5. Guidance on how to prepare for KCPE examination and answer multiple choice questions provided in this website will ally the fear of examinations most candidates have by boosting their confidence as they wait to sit for the examination.
6. Included in the website is our e- book on good composition writing written with assistance of experienced English teachers. The book contain a collection of the very best KCPE compositions since 2006. The strength of each of the composition that made it be rated among the very best is clearly provided.
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This course comprise of  question items from past KCPE CRE Examinations. Question items from 2000 to  2018 KCPE examination  have been arranged per topic.  A leaner can also attempt a KCPE CRE Simulation test. This is a test that comprises of random KCPE CRE question items from past KCPE papers that are  arranged in a way to mirror the KCPE CRE examination.  

 A learner gets a different set of question items each time a simulation test is attempted. One can make  at least 15  different attempts without having any of the question item repeated. It is advisable for  a leaner to review the test once completed to get the correct answers for question items not correctly scored.

This course gives learners guide on composition writing. These include skills that are required in writing fluent  and interesting compositions that are captivating. Challenges that have been noted by experienced teachers as they mark learners' compositions are well outline for KCPE examination candidates to note in order to  avoid common mistakes. Suggestions on vocabularies and idiomatic expressions  that are appropriate when writing compositions on specific themes such weddings, music festivals, sports  among others are provided.  This is followed demonstration on how these vocabularies, idiomatic expressions have been used  by some of the top KCPE Examination candidates from the year 2006 to date .


               social studies image

Like the other KCPE  examination revision courses on this website, Social studies comprise of question items from past KCPE Examinations arranged per topic as they are presented in the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD) syllabus.  This makes it easy for learners to evaluate their understanding of each topic through attempting the past KCPE examination question items from the respective topic they choose to revise.

 An alternative way is to revise for the entire syllabus through attempting our KCPE  examination Social studies simulation test. This is a test that comprises of random KCPE examination Social studies question items from all the major topics with the weighting of the questions made to mirror actual KCPE examination paper. A learner gets a different set of question items each time a simulation test is attempted. One can make at least 15 different attempts without having any of the question items repeated. It is advisable for the learner to review

This course comprises of past KCPE  question items arranged per topic

Revision for KCPE Science examination in this website is organized per topic in a sequence they appear in the KICD Science syllabus. Each topic comprises of a pretest that assists evaluate the learners grounding in work covered in the previous classes on the topic being revised. The pretest draw question from past KCPE science examinations on the work covered in the topic being revised up to class seven. This is followed by revision notes on class eight work and exercises that keep the learners engaged in learning. The revision on the topic end with a revision test on what learners are supposed to learn in class 8,  thus making the revision on the topic complete.

Alternatively, a candidate can attempt the KCPE Science simulation test that contains random past KCPE science question items organized to mirror a reel KCPE science examination paper. Each attempt have a different set of questions and a candidate can attempt the simulation test 15 times without having any of the question items repeated.