Services offered by Kenya Exams

Kenya Exams KCPE revision uniqueness lies in providing

  1. Interactive examinations where the candidate has a chance to sit for a full examination and get feedback after completing the paper. These examinations follow the quiz model. The candidate through his secure account will be able to attempt a single examination for up to 3 times and each attempts results are recorded in his personal grade book and to have a review of previous attempts so as to internalize where he went wrong, areas of difficulty and improve on subsequent attempts
  2. Interactive revision topic by topic for all KCPE subjects following the lesson model. This model heavily implements the constructivist theory of learning where learners are led to contruction and discovery of knowledge. For example in STD English topic one (Social Values) the student is presented with a reading comprehension for social values. The student is expected to read the passage and mark down the meanings of indicated wordsheir meaning through a glossary provided alongside the lesson. Afterwards the reading passage is hidden as the lesson progresses to revision exercise. Here the learner is required to answer all the questions one by one and the system will only allow him/her to progress to the next lesson after scoring 60% and above in the current lesson. At the end of the lesson the learner will have discovered and constructed knowledge on his own.
  3. One on one contact with instructors - currently only covering Kiswahili insha and English composition. It is a fact that instant marking of essay questions is out of reach for any e-learning system. Kenya exams will have top language teachers on standby to mark Insha and Composition and give individualized feedback to candidates through its internal messaging service.
  4. Premium KCPE prediction and past papers downloads,
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